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Solstice- Imbolc Sketch-a-Day Challenge

Dragon Friend -  Sketch a Day

Since just before the Winter Solstice I decided to set myself a challenge to get the creative juices flowing and ensure that I sketch and grow ideas that have either been on the back burner for a while or haven't been allowed to grow because i haven't given them the time to breathe.

The plan was and is that everyday from the Winter Solstice (21/12) to Imbolc (1/2) I would sketch something - anything (!) and upload it to my instagram page. This has inspred others to do the same and if you would like to join in the challenge to perhaps just do a little more sketching, it doesn't have to be every day. (Though for me it does! My discipline cracking in and telling me straight ha!)

You are welcome to join the challenge either on instagram with the tag #s2isketchaday or in our lil sketch-a- day facebook group.

Some of the sketches I have been working on continue on a theme I started with my Goddess Awakening course illustrations and may continue into another magical project ;).

For me it's been one of the very important things to bring back into my daily life, some creative time just for me, even if just 20 minutes !

If you would like to see more of the sketches you can find them on my facebook page and on instagram,I will also be adding more to the blog itself.

Happy New Year and Happy Sketching - no matter if you think you are an ;artist' or not, pick up that pencil and give it a go!

Blood Moon -  the 1st sketch which started the challenge.


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