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Belashka Drums

I am excited to share a project I have been working on and collaborating with for a little while.

The gorgeous Annabel of Belashka LTD commissioned me to create a series of 9 sacred drums for her shop in Glastonbury. These handmade drums are designed with love and respect and share animals spirits as well as pagan seasonal festivals.

Here are the first 3 currently for sale in Belashka, Glastonbury...


First is Spirit Deer Drum, associated with the first harvest festival of Lughnasadh/Lammas:


Secondly we have Imbolc Wolf...

11217517_10154443510678521_6447835905366488172_n (1).jpg

And Autumn Equinox Bear, who seems very happy with his apple harvest...


I hope you like - these drums are now availalbe to purchase via Belashka

More designs coming soon!

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