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Spirit Rabbit's Tale

Sharing a tale with you of Spirit Rabbit and how her totem painting came to be. This Rabbit brought a lot of healing and transformation. However the story is of an accident on Samhain night.

It was the Full Moon at Samhain last year, me and some witchy friends were headed to a special ancestral spot in Avalon. Given these ingredients already: Full Moon, Samhain, Glastonbury, Ancestors... it is no real surprise something intense happened.

I was driving along narrow dark country roads to the sacred site, and before I saw anything, a Rabbit had run under my wheel. I didnt even have the chance to stop or swerve, as she was under before I knew it. I've been driving quite a few years and I've never hit anything, so I was immediately shocked. Turning back to see if the Rabbit was injured, I saw she had been killed instantaneously.

My friend picked up her body, and passed it to me, and I just began to sob. Holding her close to my chest, I began to cry and cry; cry for taking this life, cry for her loss, and as I did something opened inside of me, I began to release so very much of my own sadness and grief too. The crying opened up my heart and as this Rabbit left this world, something connected.

We took the Rabbit and offered her prayers, herbs and blessings.

I was very shakey for the rest of the night, and tearful for accidently taking her beautiful life, and yet Rabbit's healing journey of transformation went on.

Rabbit became my guide - teaching me her medicine, and helping heal and transform some parts of me that poured out that night, and since then Rabbit has been a sure part of my totem team. Even though I'd much prefer her to be alive, there is joy and blessings in this totem spirit connection.

I wanted this painting to convey the magic and healing of Rabbit as a totem and the ethereal faery energy of a winter's full moon. I hope, in some way that this work in honours her magical spirit.

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