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Shamanic Drums ~ Buying & Birthing 




Drums are sacred ceremonial insturments for healing, journeying and connecting with your wild self.

On this page you will find links to personally reccomended sites to purchase your own drum as well as information on drum birthing events. 


 If you would like Laura to paint your drum, with something which deeply resonates with you, please fill in the Contact Form on this site. Personal designs can be discussed or Laura has a selection of pre drawn designs which can be adjusted to your specifications.


Heron Drums


Shamanic drum maker, Jonathan Weekes, offers group Shamanic Drum Birthing Ceremonies across the UK, Shamanic Drums to purchase from the online shop as well as bespoke orders.

All drums are made in the traditional way, using lacing cut from the same hide, thus keeping the spirit of the animal within the drum, and within ceremony to honour the spirit of the animal and the tree that gave of themselves to bring this sacred medicine tool into being. Your own drum is a guide, healer, teacher and friend, that guides you on a special journey of inner exploration.

Remo Buffalo Drums


Remo Buffalo Drums are synthetic drums, so no animal products are used in the making of them. They have a great sound, which remains constant no matter the weather.

Remo skins make great canvases to paint upon, and can be purchased in music shops and online.

If you would like Laura to source a drum for you and paint it, please use the Contact Form.

Ros Simons


Ros is a drum and ceremonial tool maker, artisan, holistic therapist and nature connection facilitator living and working on Exmoor. 

'Birthing a drum can be a magical artistic process of co-creation with sacred hide, wood and spirit.One to one or small group instruction is completed with a journey to meet the spirit of your drum as you begin your healing path together. The Drum is the spirit horse that carries us between worlds, taking us on journeys into new dimensions, helping us to ride the tides of life, it touches memories inside each and every one of us, of something very deep and very old; of a time when we came together as a people to drum, dance and sing - rooting ourselves into the earth.'

We are a small enterprise based in deepest rural herefordshire, where we are lucky enough to be reminded every day of the extreme beauty of our mother earth and our connection with her. We are able to forage the fire wood from the local orchards for our smoking ceremony with the deer skins and are able to drum, chant and sing our hearts out, as there are few other people around to disturb, only maybe the sheep to give us a funny look or two. So a great place and suitable environment to bring into the world Shamanic drums.



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