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Journey to Spirit Deer

In this blog I thought I would visit a painting I created last year, which started the journey of my current series of animal totem paintings.

Spirit Deer - her eyes shining from the darkenss, calls to me now as she did when I first encountered her... and over the past months I have been blessed to see how she calls to and heals others aswell.

'I have come to you because I see your Soul And it is Wild, And it is Beautiful'

The Journey to her was through the darkness

Feeling my way

Open and vulnerable

And when I saw her face

Appear from the blackest of nights

So bright and kind

My heart flooded with releif and warmth

I accepted her invitiation

With a grace which sung through my veins

Whistled through trees

And we danced her and I

Through the woodland wild

Weaving through branches

Running through ether

Stags and Does joined our dance

The rhythm pulsing

As hooves beating on the deep earth

And on we danced and ran

So fast so hard so free

The medicene of Deer is to me so very valuable and soulfully important: Strength through sensitivity, determination through grace, power through being attuned to life's dance.

We don't often take the showing of vulnerabilty to be a sign of strength, and this is our loss for only when we face and nurture those vulnerable wounds, opening them to be gently healed, can we be free from repeating the same hurtful cycles.

To trace with soft fingers the cracks of our hearts, to allow the light to flood through into aching spaces and to listen to our unique rhythms without feeling shame

Spirit Deer knows these things well. Her eyes mirror ours, and with quivering nose she sniffs the air and leads us on, away from the restriction of human society, into the old forests of magic and towards the brave centre of our souls.

She invites you to dance, to love and to heal with her, she accpets you and knows your burdens. Cast them off for a while, wear your soul skin and visit the wilds and when you return tell me your tales...

All Art & Words Copyright Laura Daligan 2015

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